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Welcome to just the right temperature heated flow classes!!!

All our classes are taught at just the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, encouraging access to the muscles as well as intensifying the challenge. You can expect a temperature around 85 degrees. Enough warmth to make you sweat, but not enough to make it unpleasant. The magic culminates in a combination of dynamic vinyasa flows with a temperature that boosts connection to your breath, adding energetic music and essentials oils.

$27 - single

$220 -10 class package - expires 180 days after date of purchase



all online and on demand classes included in memberships

$199 -Essential Unlimited (monthly unlimited) - perfect for those coming to three or more classes a week

$84 - Essential Basic membership (4/mo) - best for those coming once a week

$144 - Essential Plus membership (8/mo) - best for those coming twice a week

$?? - Pay what you can -limited memberships offered, contact us for details

Membership contract is in force for one month from the contract start date, with automatic renewal for subsequent months scheduled one year at a time, unless cancelled by either the Client or Yoga Love NY LLC with a minimum notification of 14 days in advance of the next billing date.

Essential Flow 1/2

Yoga at Home

Classic flow for the intermediate practitioner - options offered for levels 1/2.

1h 15m

Essential Flow 2/3

Yoga Class

Classic vinyasa flow for the advanced practitioner.

1hr 15 min

Essential Foundations

Lotus Pose

New to flow yoga?  Or just need to get back to the basics? Not sure of the lingo or how to "flow on your own?" This is the class for you! We will break down "vinyasa's" and how to use the breath to move. Lots of hands on adjustments and detailed explanations of alignment. Foundations doesn't mean easy.  You will be challenged and after 6-8 weeks will feel prepared to take on the Essential Flow or Core classes! 


Essential Core Flow

Image by Carl Barcelo

This 75 minute vinyasa based yoga core flow starts with breath work, and incorporates a rigorous core based flow, moves onto some classic flow, and winds down with cooling postures and a hearty oil infused Savasana.