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Welcome to just the right temperature heated flow classes!!!
Our Essential Flow (look for Essential in the title) classes are taught at just the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, encouraging access to the muscles as well as intensifying the challenge. You can expect a temperature around 85 degrees. Enough warmth to make you sweat, but not enough to make it unpleasant. The magic culminates in a combination of dynamic vinyasa flows with a temperature that boosts connection to your breath, adding energetic music and essentials oils.

Don't want the heat?!! We also have a Yin class with no heat!  Look for the * next to the class name!

Essential Flow Open

A dynamic 1 hour class known for the coordination of breath and movement stemming from Sun Salutations. An all level class, as standard postures will be taught along with more challenging options for students who wish to go further. Depending on the teacher there may be more or less flows, combined with held postures to balance out the class. Heated to 85 degrees, music.


Essential Flow 1/2

Classic flow for the intermediate practitioner - options offered for levels 1/2. Heated to about 85 degrees, music.

Essential Flow 2/3

Classic vinyasa flow for the advanced practitioner.  Not recommended for new students. Heated to around 85 degrees, music.

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Essential Foundations

New to flow yoga?  Or just need to get back to the basics? Not sure of the lingo or how to "flow on your own?" This is the class for you! We will break down "vinyasa's" and how to use the breath to move. Lots of hands on adjustments and detailed explanations of alignment. Foundations doesn't mean easy.  You will be challenged and after 6-8 weeks will feel prepared to take on the Essential Flow classes! Heated to around 85 degrees, music.

Essential Ashtanga Flow

Dynamic flow class that melts muscular tension and energizes the body by connecting the breath, movement and attention. Inspired by ashtanga vinyasa, this heated practice will build on a powerful yet uncomplicated sequence of postures that stretch and strengthen the body while calming the mind. Heated to 85 degrees, music.


Essential Yin & Restore*

Yin Yoga is a gentle and relaxing all-level class that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine and is suitable to all levels of students through extended holds of passive floor postures. Essential oils will be used subtly to enhance the relaxation experience.  No supplemental heat is added to this class.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Friday Fire

A fusion of muscle building postures, core specific routines, delicious heat and much needed stretching, developed by Jacqui to strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and soften your spirit. Combined with keen wit, knowledgeable body alignment and a hands-on style, you will be motivated to your maximum with a variety of push ups, challenging postures, heat building sequences and fast-paced action, all designed to give you a vigorous full body workout that addresses all major muscle groups. Come and increase your stamina, work hard, sweat, laugh and burn calories galore!


Prenatal yoga provides the strength and relaxation benefits of yoga, as well as a chance to safely nurture yourself while bonding with your baby. This prenatal class is designed to settle the mind and prepare the body for changes that occur before, during, and even after labor. All levels welcome.

Tree Pose


The MELT method is a revolutionary self-care system designed to help you improve performance and eliminate the mental and physical stress that accumulates from daily living, before it causes persistent pain and dysfunction. Using soft rollers and balls MELT blends mindful meditation and breath work techniques to help boost the body‘s natural healing mechanisms with self-myofascial restorative techniques that simulate hands-on therapeutic practices. The foundations of MELT empower you to sense connective tissue issues which we call “stuck stress” and eliminate the common imbalances it creates before they cause unwanted symptoms. Rehydrating techniques use gentle compression and two directional length to stimulate the rehydration of connective tissue eliminating unnecessary compression in your joints particularly neck and low back.

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