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Let Your Inner Lion Roar

Full Moon in Leo Workshop

Things can get chaotic or start to fall apart as a wake up call, to let us know we are ready to make a change!  We can begin to experience the shift as physical ailments or blocks in certain areas of life, which can leave us feeling powerless and limited.


We are blessed with a full Moon in Leo on February 5th, which invites in the energy of self empowerment, to shed old stories and remember our value.  It's time let go of what no longer serves us or matches our evolved identities, so we can step into ‘the who we choose to be’ NOW. 


Join Spiritual Guide and Yoga Teacher Valerie D’Ambrosio, as she guides you for a two-hour workshop incorporating lecture, movement and meditation, igniting your self-confidence and will, so you can courageously activate these powerful energies off of your mat and into your life!

Inspirational, Spiritual Guide, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of Hanuman Yoga & Music Festival, Valerie's passion lies in supporting others in connecting to the wisdom of their bodies and the guidance that is within.  Her classes are very alignment based, greatly influenced by Anusara and Iyengar traditions.

Saturday - February 4th, 2023

3:00 - 5:00pm

$30 advance/$35 day of


Free Yoga


Free Community Class

Join our newest teacher training graduates as they hone their skills and offer up a free class to the public!

60 minutes, heated open level flow classes.



Enhance your yoga!


Essential Oil Elevation

Elevate your healthy lifestyle! Incorporate the purest, highest quality oils into your daily life. Learn simple, easy, doable habits that will help balance and heal. 1 on 1 sessions available.  Schedule with the studio today!

Metabolic Reset

The Meta PWR system is program that retrains your metabolism to smooth glucose spikes which reverses biological aging! Contact us today to learn more or click link below!

Embodiment Dance


1 hour of free flowing dance to a variety of music from around the world and through the decades.

Inspired by 5RhythmsEcstatic DanceDaybreaker and No Lights No Lycra, this is about wearing comfortable clothes, rocking out in a dark room and feeling what comes.

Sweat, roll around and get your freak on, or just tap your toe and relax. Whatever you need. No judgement. No demands. Just you, the music and a good space to let go.

Facilitated by Charlotte Binns.  Join Fb group for more info and to register.



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