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🌟 Introducing Our Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program 🌟

Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice, hone your teaching skills, and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming an exceptional yoga instructor?

Look no further!

Our comprehensive Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

is designed just for you!



🧘‍♂️ What We Offer:

  1. Personalized Guidance: Receive one-on-one mentorship from seasoned yoga instructors who are dedicated to nurturing your growth.

  2.  Holistic Approach: Immerse yourself in a well-rounded curriculum covering yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and more.

  3. Hands-On Experience: Gain practical teaching experience through supervised classes, workshops, and community events.

  4. Feedback and Support: Receive constructive feedback and ongoing support to refine your teaching style and build confidence.

  5. Connection and Community: Join a vibrant community of fellow trainees, mentors, and practitioners, fostering lifelong connections and support.

🌿 Why Choose Us:

  • Experienced Mentors: Our mentors bring years of teaching experience and a passion for empowering aspiring yoga instructors.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program covers all aspects of yoga teaching, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

  • Flexible Schedule: We understand the demands of modern life, so our program offers flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle.

  • Supportive Environment: We prioritize creating a nurturing and inclusive space where you can thrive personally and professionally.

❤️ How It Works:

  1. Weekly work sessions with your mentor (two 90 minute sessions and then hour-long after that) to discuss sequencing, cueing, adjusting, theming (tailored to individual needs of trainee).

  2. Teach 1-3 community classes after the first two mentor sessions to get real hands-on experience and direct feedback.

  3. Opportunity to observe and/or assist in mentor's classes. Learning to teach yoga is an ongoing process, and observing experienced teachers can provide valuable insights and inspiration as you continue to develop your own teaching style.

  4. Must have completed a 200-hour YTT program and take at least 3 classes at Yoga Love weekly (mentorship includes an unlimited membership).

  5. $225 /week for 8-10 weeks. Having the additional 2 weeks will depend on progress (first 2 weeks, 90 min 1 on 1 meetings with your Mentor, followed by 1 hr community classes every two weeks + 6 weeks of 1 hr Mentor meetings, also possible subbing of a class or two).

  6. Sessions are scheduled according to your schedule and based on room availability.

🌈 Whether you're just starting your journey as a yoga teacher or looking to hone your skills, our mentorship program provides the guidance, support, and inspiration you need to succeed.

📅 Enrollment is Open!

Take the first step towards realizing your potential as a yoga instructor.

Contact us today to learn more and reserve your spot in our exciting new program! 🙏

"Thank you so much: the mentorship

and your constructive feedback

following my community class

is a dream come true. Thank you

both for attending my class.

I am getting to learn from the best.

Truly. I admire you both a great deal.

This mentorship: beyond price."

- Jennifer

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