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Best of Westchester Winner 2022!!!


YOGA LOVE NY | Yoga in Westchester NY
Transforming body, mind, and soul,
one breath at a time. 

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At Yoga Love NY, we are eager to share the benefits of yoga to stressed, overwhelmed, intense workout junkies, ready to release tension and awaken to a new level of mind body awareness. 

Give us an hour and we will give you back the other 23.

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Shannon and Nancy are outstanding instructors.  They consistently provide classes that are physically challenging regardless of level and yet mindful at the same time.

I have been a devoted student for many years and the class time is sacred to me.  

Continuous practice with these instructors has definitely helped me build strength, achieve flexibility and more importantly, learn the ability to take deep breaths, find calmness and more patience.


Yoga Love radiates warmth, acceptance and welcome—I’ve noticed that you draw in yogis of all ages, sizes, colors and shapes, an inclusive demographic. This allows me to practice yoga in a real community.  

Your studio is helping me to not only learn more about yoga as a movement form I love, but also to become a stronger person both mentally and physically. 
Both of you: Nancy and Shannon, push me to try new yoga postures I never imagined I could do, while also feeling safe. I feel supported by you as teachers and feel I can enter your space and participate as my true self.

No matter how I feel when entering the front door, I always feel better when class is over, just by showing up.

The studio space is beautiful, light-filled, with appealing colors, large windows and a fresh, pleasant scent. You’ve thought of every detail to make the experience positive: mats, blocks, towels, straps and all props, even Deep Blue for sore muscles! 

Thanks to Yoga Love, I feel as if I am learning how to bloom as my very best self. Grateful to you both!!


For me Yoga Love is a safe place to come for whatever it is I need in that day (or moment).


Do I need to relax and recenter? Or do I need to challenge myself?

If you come to sweat you absolutely will, but also know you can take as many breaks in child pose (or any pose you like for that matter) with zero judgement.


So much in the fitness/wellness space is about transforming or becoming “better” versions of ourselves and while that might happen at Yoga Love, what I actually love most is I am consistently challenged to be fully and mindfully present with myself on the mat. I am so grateful to have found Yoga Love and highly recommend to all! 

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