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Shannon and Nancy are outstanding instructors.  They consistently provide classes that are physically challenging regardless of level and yet mindful at the same time.
I have been a devoted student for many years and the class time is sacred to me.  
Continuous practice with these instructors has definitely helped me build strength, achieve flexibility and more importantly, learn the ability to take deep breaths, find calmness and more patience.

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What our students have to say!

  • As a professional dancer and dance instructor (and as someone who struggles with a bit of anxiety), I had been searching for years for a Yoga Class and Instructor(s) that would give me a solid and challenging physical experience, thorough and detailed instruction, as well as bringing a centeredness to my state of mind and emotional well-being.  To say that I have found all of this and more with Shannon and Nancy is an understatement.  The skill with which both Shannon and Nancy teach, their pace, their cues, their layering, and their spot-on adjustments and guidance is/are unparalleled.  In class, I am so completely engaged in what I am doing that I am in a true state of full-body -mind meditation through movement.  In addition, breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness are brought into each class in just the right way and at just the right moments.  I feel I owe so much to YogaLove and to these two teachers, from a strong and flexible body, to a peaceful and settled state of mind and being.  These qualities have changed my life overall, and during such times as we are living, offered amazing and necessary support for me and for all those I care for.  THANK YOU YOGALOVE! - Rebecca

  • I have been practicing in Nancy and Shannon’s yoga classes for nearly four years.  I am deeply grateful that I met such wonderful teachers.  I plan my week around Nancy and Shannon’s yoga classes;  they are often the highlight of my day and week.  They keep me fit, flexible and mentally grounded.   Through my yoga practice with Shannon and Nancy, I have become more aware and accepting of my body’s abilities and limitations, as well as certain self-imposed psychological barriers.  Shannon and Nancy obviously love teaching yoga.  Their enthusiasm and commitment to their students is remarkable.  Shannon and Nancy create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their classes.  Classes are well-structured, interesting and challenging, but Nancy and Shannon always provide clear directions - even for the most difficult positions and flows.   While I was sad that we could no longer practice in person during the pandemic – and I really miss the adjustments and the camaraderie of my fellow yogis-- I am extraordinarily grateful that Shannon and Nancy quickly offered a schedule of several of convenient and excellent classes on Zoom.  The socially-distanced outdoor classes during the summer at Kingsland Point Park were magical, perhaps especially because of the bugs, pig roasts and crazy music blasting from other people enjoying the park. - Maryann

  • In a year of such uncertainty, Yoga Love has been my refuge to feel energized, centered and calm. Shannon and Nancy found a way to keep our yoga community alive virtually and give us all a place of connection throughout the pandemic. They never missed a step offering classes from the earliest pandemic days when our worlds were all turned upside down. Yoga Love's classes are creative and invigorating. The flows are so unique and constantly amaze me! I feel my practice grow and improve in every class I take through their detailed cues and attention to detail. I truly couldn't have gotten through 2020 without Yoga Love. Thank you Shannon and Nancy! - Carli

  • Love Love Love Yoga Love! Yoga with Shannon & Nancy has become an instrumental piece of my yoga practice on and off the mat! I've always loved the flow and rhythm of Shannon's classes. She gracefully interweaves the foundations of yoga through mind, body and soul while offering dynamic sequences that reach the core of my being! During the challenge of the last year, they swiftly moved to an online platform and offered outdoor summer classes. I am forever grateful for the continued dedication and flexibility of these beautiful yoga teachers at Yoga Love! - Angeline

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